Kouture Squad: Kamie Crawford

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Name: Kamie Crawford

Age: 25

Hometown/Current Place of Residence: Potomac, Maryland/New York

Occupation/Business: Multi-Media Journalist/Host, Model, Creator of  NOX


This week I'm bringing you guys a mini Kouture Squad interview with the beautiful Kamie Crawford. I reached out to Kamie a few weeks ago and she was able to chat with me in between all of her "girl boss-ness" to drop her gems on all things modeling, body image, and where you should shop for the cutest sleepwear! 


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You started out in pageantry. What are some of the main differences between modeling and pageantry?

The biggest difference is that modeling can be a huge financial benefit, while pageantry can be a huge financial commitment as far as how expensive gowns, training, etc. can cost. You still have things to pay for as a model, like comp cards and materials, but overall I end up making way more than I have to spend, which is definitely a plus! Both require a thick skin and both endure a certain level of judgment as a part of the job, but it comes with the territory. 


How do you keep such a positive body image in such an industry?

My agency and the industry that I'm in as a curve model play a huge part in that. Everyone, for the most part, is really positive regarding body issues and my team is always supporting body diversity and overall health. I don't compare myself to other women in a negative sense. I see beauty in all shapes and it's natural to want the things we don't have, but when it makes you feel bad about yourself and your own body, that's when you need to do a self-check and remind yourself how amazing you are in your own skin. 


What is some advice you'd give to other young ladies wanting to get into the modeling industry?

Don't give up on your dream. If one person says no, another might say yes. Don't let anyone tell you that you're not worthy. This industry is ever evolving and there is a space and a lane for everyone. If you can't find your lane, make one!  


You now have an online store, NOX, tell us about it and what inspired you to get into the e-commerce industry?

@shopnoxlife is a luxury-lifestyle brand that I started when I was in college. I always knew I wanted something tangible to give my followers and supporters that represented women who are on their grind and living that on-the-go life. They are my inspiration and my customers, and I love to create products that can evolve but still be relatable. Sleep tees are what I kicked the brand off with because I love to sleep, but I also love to answer my emails and plot my next best moves in something cute and comfy. 


What's next for you?

I'm planning a huge move that will be both terrifying and life-changing. I'll be announcing it soon! I'm also doing an entire site redesign for NOX that I'm very excited about, and I'm heading to Miami in 2 weeks to host the red carpet for the American Black Film Festival! 

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What's some advice you'd give your younger self?

When we make plans, God laughs. Go with the flow! Allow yourself to go through trials and tribulations that change the course of your future in the best way. It's all going to work out. By the way - I'm still telling myself this 'til this day! 


Favorite song out right now? 

Selfish - Saint Jhn

For more of Kamie and to keep up with all that she's working on follow her social medias (she's hilarious on twitter!) and shop her store all linked below!

Instagram: @therealkamie

Twitter: @TheRealKamie

Shop: www.shopnoxlife.com


Love, Life, & Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,