How to Style a Dress as a Shirt

This year I vowed to myself that fashion wise I would TRY to step it up a little bit & get a little creative. This is a big deal for me (lol) being that my style is simplistic and minimal. Think a little Kim K, meets J.Lo, meets a little Beyonce......more about fit and silhouette than anything. 

A few weeks ago I was sent this super cute velvet blazer dress from Now, upon trying it on I found that the way my hips and thighs are set up it would NOT work as a dress. I thought the piece was super cute and instead of contacting them to send it back I thought to myself, "how can I still style this blazer that's more fitting for me?" I thought back to a photo I saw on Pinterest where this lady styled her dress with jeans and immediately pulled out a pair. Problem solved! 

I think the blazer turned out super cute styled as a shirt and had I had time I probably would have had a tailor take a little length taken off the bottom as well. When certain pieces of clothing "don't fit" yet have a nice fit, take a moment to brainstorm before giving up on it. You may come to find that you have the ability to be more creative with your style than you thought. 

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Love, Life, & Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,