Don't Lose Faith

There comes a point in most of our lives where we start to lose faith. Things don't' go as planned, we experience disappointment after disappointment. I'm here to tell you to keep the faith. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish will not pass you by because what's meant for you is for you, period. Keep trying, keep applying, if you're in school keep going. The time is going to pass regardless, why not let it pass with you going full force after your dreams. There will be bumps in the road, discouragement, and rejection, but stay faithful and go after everything they said you couldn't have. 

On another note, lets talk about trends. I think my favorite, "I have no season" trend is the cardigan, long lined to be exact. I think they're perfect for cooler seasons with jeans and a v-neck tee or warmer weather with a fitted tank dress and sandals. They're the perfect year round investment for your closet and this look gradient cardigan I'm wearing from is great quality and affordable. I have another staple yellow one from Zara, I'm sure everyone has seen on my Instagram that I live in!

***Cardigan c/o

Love, Life, & Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,