Kouture Style: Karla Deras

The very first blog I ever read, circa 2008, was Karla's Closet. Jewelry designer, founder and designer of The Line by K, Karla Deras personal style blog. From then own I was not only hooked on blogs but OBSESSED with her style. In my completely biased opinion, she had and still has the most sexy and effortless style ever! I can't get enough of her style and you won't be able to either, check out some of my favorite looks from Karla's Closet below.

Keep up with Karla:

Blog: www.KarlasCloset.com

Instagram: @KarlaDeras

Fashion Line: TheLineByK.com

Love, Life, & Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,


**All photos courtesy of Karla Deras Blog and Instagram