Kouture Squad: Queta King

Name: Queta King

Age: 36

Hometown/Current place of residence: Louisville, KY

Occupation/Business: Real Estate, LOTG Inc Non Profit, LOTG Football league


This week's "Kouture Squad" posts is really exciting for me. As a teenager on up until now, Queta King has encouraged me, pushed me to chase my dreams, and has always tried to keep me uplifted and give me the best sisterly advice. From teenage mom to active mommy of two, football league commissioner, non profit founder, entrepreneur and 'wantrepreneur,' Queta is sure to inspire any girl to maintain the "diva, female version of a hustler," about herself. 


You're the founder/commissioner of L.O.T.G "Ladies of the Gridiron," when did you start L.O.T.G and what inspired you to start an all female flag football league? 

The league is gearing up for its 8th year. We started in 2009. My initial goal was to host an event that was completely outside of the box. My mission was to create bonds and friendship, promote healthy living and send the message that anything a man can do, a woman can also and in most cases, better!


How has the league grown over the years?

I started with only 4 teams. We are now up to 13 teams. When I started, I only catered to women. We now host games for women, men and little girls. I am considering incorporating a little boy's league this year, as I have been bombarded with the request to do so.


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You also incorporated "Little Ladies of the Gridiron" what prompted that addition?

My 13 year old daughter, Nevaeh who was 9 at the time was in my back yard, playing football with my male cousins. I watched her break their ankles and score multiple touch downs. She came in excited and begging me to let her play. I gave her the responsibility of recruiting and promoting for the league. She take the league and game day VERY serious.


Where would you like to see your football league in the next few years?

I have been asked to implement the league in TX, TN, FL and GA, so I would like to see LOTG in all 3 states, if not more, soon.


You recently announced a new sector of L.O.T.G, your new non profit "Loving Others Through Giving." Tell us a little about this, what can we expect from L.O.T.G the non profit?

During the football season, my staff and I have organized blood drives, free HIV testing, have had back to school parties, supplying not just back packs, but back packs full of supplies, etc. My goal is to continue with these events but also focus on my passion, which is unfortunate girl teens. Anything that has to do with self esteem building and preparing them for the future is key for me.


What was the process of starting an official non profit like? For those who would like to start a non profit, what are some pieces of advice you would give to them?

The process to me was very simple. It was just a matter of filling out the online application, paying the fee and waiting to hear back. It took about 6 weeks to get the final non profit status approval.


L.O.T.G has sort of turned into a brand in and of itself. What do you think have been the sole contributors to the growth and success of L.O.T.G?

My team. My family! My foundation is so solid. Everyone involved in LOTG, just want to see me and the league prosper. The support of others is the ONLY reason LOTG is what it is today. I am anal about LOTG's reputation, so a professional and organized league is what I aim for each year.  


You're a mom, you work, you're commissioner of L.O.T.G, you are launching your non profit, and interior decorate on the side, and look fly while doing it all. True definition of a "Girl Boss." How do you juggle it all and still manage to keep yourself and image a priority? What advice would you give to other moms raising their families and still trying to hustle to make their dreams come true?

It's very overwhelming. My resolution for 2017 was to only focus on "what matters". The things that matter to me would be my King family, the friend's that have had my back, my bank account balance and my businesses. I vowed to myself that all of the extra things will go on the back burner, because it wears at me. My kids won't allow me to "fall off". If I dare, they give me the blues, so I holdmy oldest, Demia , responsible for attire lol. Other than that, I am a jogging suit, ball cap and tennis shoes type chic. Aside from that, making my mother proud is still something I strive for so I make sure I don't give people a reason to say "girl did you see Bronda's daughter", in a negative light. I will give the same advise I gave you. Pray about it and GO FOR IT! Don't let anyone or anything stand in the way of your dream(s). Life is way to short to regret based on should've, could've, would've.


queta sun.jpg

Favorite sports team?

Ummm...U of L..duh lol 


Football or Basketball?

Oddly enough, basketball


Go to cocktail?

Long Island Ice Tea


Top 3 "Girl Bosses" who inspire you?

My mom, Michelle Obama, a better Queta


What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Girl you better go get it! Don't worry about the "impossibles"

Be sure to keep up with Queta and LOTG:

Instagram: @Queta.mf.King

Website: www.TheLadiesOfTheGridiron.com


Love, Life, & Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,