How to Start a Blog


Over the last 3 or 4 months I've had a lot of people text and/or DM me about 1 of 2 things....How to start a blog and what steps I suggest taking to move out of state. With that being said I will be covering both of those topics over the span of 3 or 4 blog posts so you have to stay tuned. I'm going to start with "how to start a blog" because it's actually really simple. 

1. Chose a hosting site. Research and choose the best option for you. Some hosting sites I know of are Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Square Space, which is what I use. I chose Square Space because a friend of mine suggested it. I knew I could purchase my domain and create my blog site all from the same hosting site, which I liked. They also emphasized how easy it was to learn how to use, which I also liked being that I knew absolutely nothing about what I was about to get into. Do your research, ask around, and choose what's best for you. 

2. Do your research. This is a tip I didn't do at the beginning but I am adamant now. Learn all you can about blogging, promoting your blog, SEO (the one thing I am trying to learn more about right now), learn how to take advantage of all of the tools your hosting site offers, read articles. In a nutshell be a student of your blog.

3. Post often. For me it's a little unrealistic to post everyday BUT I TRY to post 1-2 a week and on a good week 3 times. Of course every now and again you might fall off for a week or two, you're human, but once you've completed your hiatus, continue posting on a consistent basis. 

In the beginning, that's all there really is to it. Be yourself, stay true to who you are, go into it with no expectations, & see what can come of it. If you have a blog already drop your site in the comments so I can check it out! Good luck to everyone else who wants to start one!

Love, Life, & Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,