Happy New Year

Dear 2016,

You've come and you've gone and I must say you took me on the most bumpy rollercoaster I've been on in a while. While bumpy there were some smooth rides that came in the form of fun. You moved us into a new apartment (which I love), you took me to LA, Vegas, and home to visit friends and family. You took me to see Drake and Future, Bad Boy Reunion Tour, & Kehlani and Lil Uzi. You also allowed me to learn, in turn allowing me to be able to redesign my blog all on my own (I hope you guys are enjoying the new and improved site.) You also allowed me to watch and cheer on the sideline as my family and friends bought homes, cars, got engaged, had children, and moved up in their careers, and that just may have been my favorite part. 

On the flip side you sent me on an emotional rollercoaster that came in the form of death and unexpected misfortunes. I ended you in the process of an unexpected career change, I also lost two important people to me, my childhood dance teacher Mrs. Neil and the worst part of the year, losing my brother "Man" just three weeks after I visited him at home. 

While life changing, these events taught me important life lessons. Being forced into a career change taught me that I am not in control. To work hard on the parts of my life I have control over and surrender the rest. At the end of the day, God doesn't work unless I do. While I don't know what will come next I am going to make sure I am more than prepared when the perfect opportunity presents itself. Losing Mrs. Neil taught me to go after my dreams and passions and to always give back. My purpose isn't just about me but it's about encouraging and uplifting others as well. Last but not least "Man," in losing him I learned to cherish each moment of each day. Live life to the fullest, and not to let the small stuff stress me. 

2017! Now that you are here I hope for health and wealth, success and happiness, sanity and serenity, creativity and inspiration, travel and experience, and love and support. 2016 taught me the lessons, 2017 bring me the blessings, I'm ready!

Love, Life, & Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,