Life After Death

The last 2 weeks I was very behind on blog posts. Reason being, I lost someone very close to me, like a brother, at the end of July. This was the 2nd VERY close death I have dealt with in the last 2 years. I immediately hopped back on a plane and returned home for the 2nd time in a month.

Upon taking some time to reflect on everything that had happened, I thought about how full of life he was and knew that in order to keep his legacy alive I had to adopt his way of looking at life. He lived life to the fullest, loved unconditionally, and didn't let life's downs stress him but rather let life's treasure's allow him to shine.

When my great grandmother passed two years ago I knew immediately that I had to go after my dreams. My grandmother was a successful entrepreneur. She did as she wanted, and made career choices that made her happy and I knew upon her passing that I wanted to live a life chasing after my passions and dreams.

I say this to suggest that we all live a life that's worthy of life after death. A life that touches other's in a way that can never be forgotten. Live a life of value, follow your dreams, laugh often, love unconditionally, and in the words of my new angel Mann, when it comes to bumps in the road that life throws at you, "Don't let that stress you." Life is a gift, its up to us to open it up and enjoy it.

Love, Life, Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,