On Edge

The fact that I feel the need to make a post about this in 2016 baffles me. I'm sure at this point we all know who Gabby Douglas is, BUT, just in case you don't allow me to enlighten you.

Gabby Douglas is a 20 year old, 3 time Gold medal Olympic gymnast. Despite all of her hard work, talent, and success during the 2012 London Olympics, she came under scrutiny for the way her hair looked. Yes, I know, smh. People were criticizing her edges, the way her hair looked during her performances, and calling her nappy head, amongst embarrassing her on social media. Here we are in 2016 in the midst of the 2016 Rio summer Olympics and she is under scrutiny, yet again, for the same reason, her hair. 

This INFURIATES me. Despite all of her accomplishments and how well she represents not only the USA but young African American women, people still choose to focus on unimportant aspects of who she is. She's talented, well spoken, obviously hard working, and carries herself well, yet people want to focus on what her edges look like.

Well........To all of the Gabby Douglas hair critics out there....Get your life and have SEVERAL seats. This young lady is trying to help the USA Olympic gymnastics team bring home as many gold medals as possible. I'm sure making sure her edges are laid is the least of her concerns. She could have her edges laid 10 times over if she wanted to. Further more, while you're focused on her edges, she's focused on her craft. While you're focused on her edges, her craft is making her more coins than you may see in a lifetime. Not to mention, at least she has edges. So for all of the Gabby scrutinizers out there, while you're worried about if her edges are laid, she's laying checks right into her bank account.

Stop finding petty things to pass judgement on the next person about and use your words to uplift those who are doing something positive. It's obvious that her hair is natural, It's also obvious that after performing, even if her edges were smooth to begin with, after working  up a heavy sweat they will sweat out, i.e. not be smooth anymore. Give her a break! Keep doing your thing Gabby, you have a whole slew of people who have your back! Focus on your focus, we will handle the haters. Remember, Wale once said, "They gon' love you a lil different when you at the top."


Trying to Live in my Dreams,