Standing in your truth

When I first started blogging I spent a lot of time trying to sound like other bloggers whos blogs I loved. It became very hard for me to write posts on a weekly basis. There came a point where I said to myself, "what do you want people to get from reading YOUR blog, use your voice in a way that's true to you." In that moment I knew that I wanted to use my blog as a voice for young people, as a young girl with no sister AND no aunts (my mom, dad, and I all have only brothers), I knew I wanted to use my blog as sort of a "be the person you needed when you were younger, type of blog. To not only share some of my favorite things, fashion & beauty (mainly through photos), but also as a sort of journal. To share my experiences and track lessons I have learned as I go through my own life.

I can't express how important it is to stand in your truth. Be who you are unapologetically. When it comes to how you want to dress, what you want to do as an occupation, movements that you support, DO YOU! Remember, there is no one else like you and that alone is your super power.

Love, Life, & Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,