Good Jeans

As a "thick chic," there isn't a more frustrating, discouraging task than trying to find a good fitted pair of jeans. There's either one of two problems:

1. They don't pull up past the thigh/hip area

2. They fit everywhere but are too big in the waist

Over the years I feel as though I have tried every brand of jean out there. When I say jean, I mean jean, not a pair of leggings that look like jeans. Over time I've come up with a few tips and tricks that I live by when I am looking for a new pair of jeans:

1. Look at your jeans as an investment. If you have a few pair of really good jeans in different washes you can wear them over and over. Don't just purchase ANY pair of jeans, save up your money and invest in good jeans. 

2. Pay attention to the fabric. My favorite jeans are a blend of Cotten Twill (CTN), Polyester, and Elastane. This makes for jeans that are comfortable, stretchy, and hug the body well. They also snap back well after they have been washed. 

3. Fit is the most important characteristic when jean shopping, especially for us curvy women. Do not invest in a pair of jeans if you are not in love with the fit. If you get a pair of jeans that fit well it can turn your whole outfit around. You can dress them down with flats or up with heels and look put together no matter what. Not only that, but the fit of the jeans is what is going to highlight your curves. Ill fitted jeans can make you appear bigger than you are.  Fit is ESSENTIAL.

I am still on the hunt to find other brands of jeans that I love, but so far, out of the brands I have experimented with my favorite are Lucky Brand. Their jeans are great quality (whenever shopping it's always quality over quantity for me), they are comfortable, they have a lot of different fits from boyfriend, to boot cut, to skinny jeans, and they don't bust the bank. 

My message to all women of any size is to be patient, do your research, try on a lot of styles and don't settle because everyone deserves to have good jeans. 


Trying to Live in my Dreams,


FashionKeionna Baker