24 Day Challenge

A few weeks ago I mentioned how I was trying to be more active, shed a few pounds and live an overall healthier lifestyle. In doing so I knew I would need a jump-start so I enlisted the help of my girl Ashley! She is my go to when it comes to all things healthy living (I will leave her info down below). She suggested that I do the Advocare 24-day Challenge.

You order the package from a distributor (Ashley is my distributor), download the app. Throughout the process you are taking a mix of supplements and shakes along with clean eating and working out. The challenge is broken down into 2 phases. Phase 1 is the Cleanse Phase, days 1-10. The website describes this phase as your Fresh Start phase. The phase that helps prepare your body for optimal nutrition. During this phase you take three products:

1. Herbal Cleanse System

2. OmegaPlex

3. AdvoCare Spark

These three products along with a clean diet and consistent workout regimen will help rid the body of waste and prepare the body to absorb nutrients.

The second phase of the cleanse, days 11-24, is the Max Phase according to the website this phase is meant to "fuel your body for maximum results." During this phase you also take three products:

1. Metabolic Nutrition System

2. Meal Replacement Shake

3. AdvoCare Spark

These are also three products that are recommended upon completion of the 24 day challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I am going to start my challenge this week. I will be sure to do an update post on day 12 (midway) and a post on day 25, after my cleanse is complete, yielding my results. I hope you guys hop aboard this healthy lifestyle bandwagon with me. It's all about becoming your best self......I even have Fred eating healthy, who would've thunk? Anyway, wish me luck!!

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For meal plan/workout plan inquiries email a.coleman424@gmail.com

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