Inside Out

As I get older the more I realize that, for me, working out is more about a feeling than a look. When I eat healthy, workout consistently, and live an overall healthy lifestyle I feel my best. From the inside I feel energized and happy and on the outside I look confident and strong, THAT'S when I feel like and operate like my best self. 

Over the past year and a half I have put on quite a bit of weight. To others I look normal but for me I don't feel like myself. My energy level is low and while I'm always a pretty confident person, I must admit, I don't feel my 100% best. I finally said enough is enough and decided to make a change. I joined a gym back in February and while I make it a point to be active everyday I don't use my membership how I should. Starting Monday I have committed to AT LEAST 3 days a week of hard core working out. My honey and I are even making it a point to work out as a team on some of those days because lets face it, what man doesn't want to assist his woman in a weighted squat? lol A week and a half ago I started meal prepping. So far so good. There's a lot of adjustments I need to make as far as my "diet" (I use that word loosely) is concerned but the changes I have made are a major progression compared to what I was eating before. 

I know there are plenty of other women out there who want to lead healthier lifestyles. As I embark upon my "snapback" journey I want to take you all along with me. I will be sharing my favorite at home workouts, my favorite workout/diet apps, and how I adjust my diet along the way.. As I learn more, make more progress, and get closer to where I want to be I want to start sharing healthy dessert alternatives. Lets be realistic, depravation is a set up for failure. A girl HAS to have a cupcake alternative. I will also be sharing my gym essentials, favorite workout gear, progress photos and so much more! 

I challenge you to join me and make 2016  the year you take control of your lifestyle as well! There's a lot of things we don't have control over in life but what we feed our bodies, how we treat our bodies, and how we look are certainly things we DO have control over. So grab some dope workout gear, a cute pair of sneakers and an inspiration photo and get ready to wow yourself. 

Trying to Live in my Dreams,


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