Kouture Squad Roll Call

When I first started my blog I looked at it as a way to creatively express myself, a way to archive the answers to my most frequently asked questioned and as something I can look back on and see how my style has evolved. As I embark upon my second year blogging I've realized that my blog is less about me. I now view it as more of a platform. A way I can keep myself inspired as well as inspire other women to go after their dreams and be their best selves. 

One of my favorite things to do is read the career profiles on TheEveryGirl.com. There is something about reading where a successful woman started and where she is now that lights that fire under your butt on days you feel defeated and keeps the light at the end of the tunnel shinning bright. I wanted to take the inspiration on my blog up a notch so I decided to start a series called the Kouture Squad. 

The Kouture Squad will be a series where I highlight extraordinary woman doing extraordinary things. Women who's story I feel can inspire other woman to stay on top of their game. The series will start out highlighting women who have ties to my hometown and eventually expand and highlight women from all over the country, and eventually the world. 

I want this to be a series woman can read and say to themselves, "I don't have any dreams that are TOO big. With hard work, consistency, and dedication I CAN achieve any goal I set out to accomplish." 

So cheers to the "One of a kind women with one of a kind vision. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them."

Trying to Live in my Dreams,