In Living Color: What Color is my Hair?

When it comes to my hair color the first question I get from everyone is "what color is your hair?"  Let me tell you....I have no idea what color my hair is. My hair is custom colored professionally. If you know anything about hair and color you know that box color is the only color that has names like "Cinnamon Brown" and "Spicy Blonde."  Professional hair color is classified as, "N2" and "E4," numbers and letters, based upon what shade and tone you want. My hair color now is a result of having colored and toned my hair a few different shades over the years. So for the record, I do not know what color my hair is. 

The method used when coloring your hair plays a big part in what your hair color looks like as well. Highlights will look different than ombre', ombre' will look different than coloring your entire head, baleage' will look different than highlights. You have to do your research and then decide what exactly you want. In this post I will share how my hair is colored.

My hair is colored only at the crown (the portion of the hair directly on top of the head that sits on top of the rest of your hair). We chose to color only the crown of my head in order to color minimal hair but look as though my hair is colored all over. We used the baleage' method originally in order to give my hair a more natural highlighted look but when I get my hair colored touched up we use foil. The thing I am BIGGEST on is my roots. I NEVER color my roots. Not coloring my roots calls for a more natural look. It also allows me to go longer in between touch ups because the color grows out with an ombre' affect. 

Once again consult with a professional when it comes to your hair color. Have a hairpiration photo BUT do what's going to look best on you. I hope this series has been helpful thus far. Stay tuned for the last part to my "In Living Color" series next week!

***Disclaimer- I am not a licensed cosmetologist. All advice is based on personal experience, knowledge gained from my colorist, and my own research.

*** The ONLY two people I allow to color my hair are @living_doll87 (Dallas) & @so_blessed001 (Louisville) all professional question can go to them lol Yes I travel to one of them to get my hair colored I am EXTREMELY picky and scared to try to anyone here in Cali because these two have been my color dream team & I refuse to go to anyone else.

Trying to Live in my Dreams,