Flat Tummy Tea Review

A few months ago I tried out the Flat Tummy Tea detox. I'm sure everyone has seen Flat Tummy Tea floating around instagram. A ton of celebrities and bloggers promote it. For those who have not, the website describes Flat Tummy Tea as a tea that reduces bloating, boosts energy levels, support metabolism, cleanses your system and supports digestion. 

I purchased the 14 day pack which comes with the cleanse tea and the energize tea. For me, I wasn't a fan. The tea didn't really do anything for me. It didn't make me use the restroom, cleanse my system, give me energy, or anything. I also found it to be very inconvenient for me and my lifestyle. It's a loose leaf tea, meaning you have to measure it out, according to instructions on the package, put it in a strainer then steep it. For my lifestyle, which is busy, I don't have time to do that once in the morning and once at night. After about day 5 I was over it, the tea is still sitting on my kitchen counter. 

If you're looking for a cleanse tea I recommend This Fits Me Tea. It was created by VH1's, Love and Hip Hop cast member Somaya Reece. I've tried the tea once for 14 days, and plan on doing it again, and loved it! Disclaimer: I am not an ambassador for them although I would love to be lol.....Anyway. The tea is already separated into tea bags for you, which is very convenient, it didn't cause me to cramp, I only had to drink it once a day, and it worked. The only downside is that because you are ridding your body of waste you will be in the bathroom A LOT the next morning. None the less, after you spend your morning in the restroom you should be fine the rest of the day.  After completing my 14 day regimen I felt lighter and refreshed. This is a tea cleanse I could keep up with because I could feel the difference. The website explains everything about all of their regimens in full detail, as well as how often you should do the cleanse. 

To sum it up I did not see what the hype was about regarding the Flat Tummy Tea. I am not saying it doesn't work, I'm just saying it didn't work for me. 

Trying to Live in my Dreams,


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