In Living Color: Dying Your Hair Kouture Tips

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about my hair color. over the last year I have gotten an enormous amount of compliments and questions on my hair color. Who does it? How do I take care of it? What color is it? How did I go from black to blonde? How do I keep my hair healthy while being blonde? The list goes on. I figured I'd do a series of three posts discussing the healthy route I took going from black to blonde, what color my hair is and the method we use to dye it, and how I care for my hair now that it's blonde.

In this post I'm going to share some tips on the healthy route I took & you should too, to go from black to the blonde.

Tip # 1: Be Patient

Don't think you're going to go from dark hair to blonde hair instantly. It's a process and depending on how easily your hair lifts it could be a long process. Be patient. Listen to your hair. Progress is a slow process.

Tip # 2: Do Your Research

Do not get your hair dyed without doing your research. Do your research on the hair stylist who's going to dye it. Side note, ONLY let a professional dye your hair, don't try to do it yourself. Also research and make yourself knowledgeable on the process of going blonde so you can be sure to ask different stylist the right type of questions. What type of color do you use? Whats your process like for someone who's hair gives you trouble lifting? How do you care for color treated hair?

Tip # 3: Count Yourself In

Make sure you learn how to care for your hair in between your hair appointments. Especially if you're like me and don't go to the hair salon often. How you care for your hair is essential in keeping hair on your head once you go blonde.

Tip #4: Watch Your Tone

Blonde comes in many tones, it's not just one color fits all. Every shade doesn't look good on every skin tone. For example, I do not look good with a brassy blonde, the tones of blonde I stick with is beige. Make sure your stylist takes the time to figure out what shade of blonde is going to work best for you. Also be realistic with yourself, the blonde you loved on the girl on facebook may not look good on you. Go with what looks best on YOU.

Tip # 5: Know What You're Getting Yourself Into

Going blonde is a big commitment. It takes a lot of upkeep, management, and care. If you are someone who doesn't do much with their hair do not go blonde. We don't want you to be one of those, "I dyed my hair now it's all breaking off" horror stories.

My last bit of advice would be do not dye your hair if you are not 100% natural aka relaxer free. When you're relaxer free the dye is the only chemical you're putting on your hair making you less prone to breakage than going blonde on top of a relaxer. Blonde is harsh on your hair relaxed or natural, but it's better if you are not relaxed.

Stay tuned for Friday's post on just what color my hair is and the method we use to color it. Enjoy a timeline of where I started with my color and where I am now.

***Disclaimer- I am not a licensed cosmetologist. All advice is based on personal experience, knowledge gained from my colorist, and my own research.

*** The ONLY two people I allow to color my hair are @living_doll87 (Dallas) & @so_blessed001 (Louisville) all professional question can go to them lol Yes I travel to one of them to get my hair colored I am EXTREMELY picky and scared to try to anyone here in Cali because these two have been my color dream team & I refuse to go to anyone else.

Trying to Live in my Dreams,