I Need New Friends

Have you ever been reflecting on your goals, plotting and planning the steps you need to take in order to achieve them and stopped and thought to yourself, I need new friends? As women with vision it's important that we surround ourselves with women who are as focused as we are. Women with similar work ethic, drive and determination. After all, you're a product of your environment, right? 

This past Sunday I had the honor of attending the I Need New Friends brunch here in the Bay area. The brunch is put on by Real Brown Girls and Life According to Her. Let me tell you.....It was probably the most beneficial event I have been to since I moved to California 8 months ago. The idea of the brunch is to network, create business partnerships, meet like minded women, and maybe even walk away with some new friends. The event was thought out amazingly, no leaf was left unturned. Everything from the flow of the brunch to the seating was strategic. I walked away having met so many women like myself, whom I know I can contact regarding anything from how to apply for a business license to where to go for the best cocktails in the city. 

If you ever have the opportunity to go an I Need New Friends Brunch, go! Time and time again, go because you will meet new faces every time. This goes to show that when you stumble upon event flyers via social media don't ignore them. Do your research, look more into it and see if it's something you that may be beneficial for you. Lastly, don't be afraid to go alone. Fear can hold us back from achieving a lot of the things we've always dreamed of. Don't let that be you, put yourself out there, get in formation, and SLAY.

Thank you Ahyiana Angel for hosting such an amazing event this weekend. I am already looking forward to the next. 

***All social media and websites for the event and ladies who put on the event will be linked below. 


I Need New Friends

Real Brown Girls

Life According to Her





Try to Live in my Dreams,