Superbowl 50

Superbowl 50 is finally over. It has been a LONG weekend for us here in the Bay Area. I got a bad cold on Friday and it has lingered throughout the weekend, on top of having family (I miss them already) in town and having to play hostess. Despite being exhausted I had a great weekend. I'm sure everyone watched the game. Congrats to the Denver Broncos! I think it's safe to say that everyone is happy for Payton Manning, what a way to play!  

 Lets get to what everyone is raving about.....the halftime performance aka what most people were waiting for. lol. I LOVED the combination of artist they chose to perform. I think artistry of Coldplay mixed with the fresh new vibes of Beyonce' and Bruno Mars was perfection. And lets be honest I LIVED for the Beyonce', Bruno dance battle. I think the three of them went all out as far as the performance aspect of it. With the dancers, children playing instruments, the colors, utilizing the field as a stage, incorporating the crowd at the end, I LOVED it. Bruno Mars NEVER disappoints. Coldplay is just legendary. Let's not forget to mention how AMAZING Beyonce' looked! She's gained some weight and I LOVE it! I've always preferred a thicker Bey. Her hair and make up looked breath taking and I love the homage they paid to Micheal Jackson via the jacket.

All I have to say is Superbowl 50 you outdid yourself!

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Trying to Live in my Dreams,