DJ Khaled: The power of 'THEY'

I'm sure we've all seen/heard DJ Khaled's THEY snapchat videos. While funny, there is actually a lot of validity in what he has to say. Last weekend Fred & I went to Dolores Park to enjoy the weather and I had a moment to sit and think about my year thus far. I realized, although only March, 2016 has been an eye opener when it comes to the people in my life and who I decide to surround myself with as I follow my dreams & start accomplishing the goals I have set for myself.

Thing is, as you progress in life people will change, one's true character will start to show. As you start your journey to the top there will be people you thought you would bring along that you don't and there will be people you meet along the way that you will. 

Don't let THEY keep you from achieving any goals you set for yourself or make you feel like your dreams can't be accomplished. What I have found is that THEY is rarely ever a stranger. THEY often comes masked as friends, family, & acquaintances.  THEY want to see you do well just not better than them. The minute you decide to hit the ground running and go after your dreams full force you will see THEY start to change. Don't let it affect you and what you are trying to do. 

Allow THEY to have their moment with themselves and stay focused on your focus.  Get to the top and then when you get there share your story and maybe THEY will use it as a blueprint. There is no limit to success therefore there is enough to go around for everyone. You can give someone the blueprint but you can't give them ambition. Always remember, supporting another's success won't ever dampen yours. 

Jacket: The Limited; Tee: Target; Jeans: Lucky Brand

Jacket: The Limited; Tee: Target; Jeans: Lucky Brand

Trying to Live in my Dreams,