Age Ain't Nothing but a Number

Happy Post Christmas! Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. I'm sure many would agree, this last week has been beyond busy. Now that Christmas has passed and New Years is quickly approaching it has me thinking about the fact that my birthday is also less than a month away.....lets just say time FLIES!

As I get older I get a lot of comments from my elders about "settling down." Not in a relationship but settling down in life. I think most of us millennials would agree that the notion of "settling down" is foreign to us. I know for me it is. Yes, with time comes age, but with age also comes wisdom. The older I get the more I know what I want in life, career wise and relationship wise. I feel as though the older I get the more I should go after my dreams, take calculated risks and consistently reinvent myself, my goals, and what I want to contribute to this world full of possibilities.

Don't let age keep you from pursuing your goals, the time will pass anyway, why not let it pass while you're pursuing exactly what you want to do in life? When it comes to the question of "settling down" because I'm getting older I can't help but pose the question, should one really settle down if that means settling?

Love, Life, & Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,