5 Life Lessons you can Learn from Lamar Jackson Winning Heisman

This weekend University of Louisville quarterback, Lamar Jackson, won the 2016 Heisman trophy. As an alumni I couldn't be more proud of that young man and my school, being that this was our first Heisman award winner in school history. As I sat and watched the hour long special Saturday and listened to the interview with Lamar Jackson and his mom I couldn't help but think to myself, "wow, there's a lot more you can learn from their story than just football." I wanted to start the week off by sharing the 5 life lessons you can learn from Lamar Jackson winning Heisman.

1. Laugh in the face of adversity- No matter what hardship you may endure, where you come from, or what curve life may throw your way, with faith and hard work there isn't anything you can't overcome. Lamar Jackson's mother lost his dad & her mom in the same day & still had faith that "this too shall pass." If that's not a testimony I don't know what is.  

2. It's not always about how you finish, sometimes it's about everything you do leading up to the end- Not just in sports but life in general, give your all no matter the outcome because sometimes it's not about the outcome but how much effort you put into trying to make something its possible best. The University of Louisville football team had a rough end of the season, yet & still Lamar Jackson continued giving his all game after game & look where that perseverance lead him.

3. Do the best with what you have until you know better, & when you know better do better- I think that when applied to life in general this one is pretty self explanatory. This one was more so directed to anyone who had something to say about his speech. It was obvious that he is working on his diction & under the circumstances, he did a damn good job, if you ask me. Being a gal with a southern "twang" myself I understand how hard it is to shake that. Don't fret, this won't be the last speech you hear from "Action Jackson" & by speech 4 I predict that he will be a pro. 

4. Listen to Beyonce's words & watch Lamar's actions- Queen Bey told us to "always stay gracious...." Trust, being humble will take you further than being cocky ever will. 

5. With greatness will always come a fair share of haters- Ignore them, haters will never take away your greatness. As long as "they" are hating you are doing something right.

Congratulations to Lamar Jackson, Coach P, & the entire University of Louisville football team/staff.

Love, Life, & Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,