Thursday I had the honor of attending the Collective Convos event at the Popsugar San Francisco headquarters. I'm sure you're familiar with Popsugar but just in case you've been living under a rock, Popsugar is the go to place for all things pop culture, entertainment, fashion, and beauty. On Thursday they held a private event to introduce to local influencers their new Shopstyle Collective affiliate program. There were carnival style cotton candy cocktails, mini chicken and waffles, we got to meet Popsugar's founder Lisa Sugar, and there were plenty of take home goodies and endless great conversation. I want to thank Popsugar for the opportunity to attend such an event as well as become a Shopstyle Collective affiliate. 

I wanted to make this post not only to share my experience with you guys but to also encourage you all to Trust the Process when it comes to your dreams. Be patient and Trust the Process. When the invitation to attend this event came across my inbox I was shocked! I hadn't tagged Popsugar in any of my social media platforms. Coincidentally I had applied for a few positions at their headquarters so initially I assumed that what the email was regarding. To my surprise it was the invitation to the event and acknowledgment of my blog. Talk about an awesome surprise! I don't blog expecting anything back, I blog in hopes to give other young people inspiration and encouragement they may not be getting anywhere else and to share my experiences and "lessons learned"with others. I hope to create other opportunities for myself in order to one day have a bigger platform to inspire from. So to have a platform such as Popsugar acknowledge what I had created was an honor and definitely the boost I needed to know that my hard work wasn't going unnoticed. 

Go after your dreams, work hard, be consistent, do what you can with what you have until you can do better. Trust the process, chase your dreams for the right reasons and be patient. What's for you is for YOU and will not pass you by, trust me!

Love, Life, and Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,