Stand in your Truth

I don't want to use this post to speak my piece on the Presidential election. I feel like I have expressed my opinion via my social media platforms and I think we all can assume how I feel. As opposed to a long post about what many of us are disappointed in I wanted to take the time to encourage you to stand in your truth.

Yesterday's nationwide protest caught me by surprise to say the least. I was NOT expecting that. Never in history have American citizens protested the outcome of a Presidential election to this extent. It's safe to say, I was here for it. As long as it was non violent I was all for "the people" standing in our truth. I also saw many people, even those who never voice their opinion on controversial topics, taking a respectful stance via social media. I love to see that people have an opinion on what they feel isn't fair and aren't going to stand for it. I love to see people defending THEIR truth (whatever that truth may be). I love to see people making their voices heard and doing it with integrity.

dont be tricked.jpeg

I want to encourage you to stand in your truth proudly no matter what you're standing up for. Stand up for what you feel is right and don't be afraid of the backlash you may get or friends you may lose for doing so. Your truth is just that, YOUR truth, your opinion is YOUR opinion, own it unapologetically. If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.

Love, Life, & Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,