Kouture Squad: Makeup Artist ArielvsCupcake

Name: Ariel Moore

Age: 25

Hometown/Current Place of Residence: Louisville, KY

Occupation/Business: Makeup Artist/YouTuber


There's no better way to start the week than with a little motivation and what better way to do that than another Kouture Squad feature. Today I want to highlight YouTuber and AMAZING makeup artist Ariel aka ArielvsCupcake via social media. Not only is she talented but she is a sweetheart. Keep reading to find out how social media has contributed to her success, what piece of advice she would give her younger self, and who are her top 5 favorite YouTube/Instagram beauty gurus.


I'm sure everyone knows you're a makeup artist by now, when and how did you get started doing makeup?

I started doing makeup in 2011! It cracks me up every time I think about me even being a makeup artist because I used to hate it! I mean I wouldn’t even put on lip gloss! LOL!! One day my friend Tiffany took me into a MAC store and I was amazed! I was like “OMG this is what I want to do”! A year later there I was, working for MAC!


How long did you work at mac?

I worked at MAC for 4 years.


I recently saw on your social media that you no longer work there, what attributed to you making such a change?

I wanted to branch out and see what else was out there for me. I prayed and prayed about it over and over and just asked God to guide me in the right direction! I was ready for growth! I am now a Makeup Artist for Bobbi Brown! 


You have over 40,000 followers on Instagram. When did you see your following start to grow and what do you think contributed to you growing such a large social media following?

I started to notice my following grow when I started to post more about my natural hair. When I cut my hair…LORD! They went crazy! Haha! I mean I was getting reposted by natural hair pages every second! Once I started showcasing my makeup more I started to get reposted a lot by big time makeup companies. 


How would you say social media has contributed to your success and what advice would you give to others who are trying to grow their following for their business on social media?

Social media has helped me out A LOT! You have to be consistent! Even if you post a car selfie, the people want to see what you got going on! LOL! You also got to let your personalty shine through. I mean because now days a lot of people on social media have plenty of followers. You have to be that one that people remember! Also, hash tagging your photos will help with your following!


You have a youtube channel, what made you decide to start a channel and where do you hope to go with your youtube channel?

I decided to start a channel because people wanted to see how I created the looks I was posting. I also love teaching and showing people different techniques and stuff. So youtube was perfect for that! I hope to be at 100k subscribers here soon. Praying on it! lol


You're a mom and a wife, how do juggle being a mother, wife and entrepreneur? 

Its not easy! lol! Some days I come home and I’m just ready to jump in bed for the next 3 days, but there is money to be made! Haha! So I just think about how young my son is and If I put in the work now, we can all whind down later. 


Where do you hope to go with your make up career in the future?

The ULTIMATE goal is to be a celebrity makeup artist! I also want to do magazine work.

You're stuck on a deserted island and can only bring 3 make up items, what are they?

Ahhhhh you’re trying to play me right now! haha! Ummm, I would HAVE to have my Benefit brow pencil, Tarte foundation and of course my Bobbi Brown bronze glow highlight. My highlight would be so bright the rescue team would find me without any problems. Haha!


Matte or glossy lip?

Man thats a hard question!!!!! I used to be so into the matte lip! Now I’m leaning more toward glossy. So I’m gonna have to say glossy for now. 


Would you rather go a year without contouring or a year without filling in your brows?

Year without contouring as long as I can slather on highlighter!!! :)


Football or basketball?

Basketball definitely! Football stresses me out! It comes on at 11am and is still on at 11pm! I can’t handle it. 


Top 5 favorite YouTube/Instagram makeup gurus?

*Shayla (makeupshayla) She has to be my favorite! Super humble and always responds!

*Stephanie (beautybylee) First beauty guru to follow me and compliment me! Sweetest person EVER!

*Katie! (lustrelux) She is so down to earth and HILARIOUS! I love her!

*Desi (desiperkins) Hilarious and absolutely gorgeous!

*Jackie (Jackieaina) Realist person ever!!! 


If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?

Keep God first and don't second guess yourself! Just go for it!!!! 


Be sure to keep up with Ariel on all of her social media platforms:

Email: BookArielMooreMUA@yahoo.com

Instagram: @arielvscupcake_

YouTube: Ariel Cupcake

Snapchat: Arielvscupcake


Love, Life, & Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,