Re:Make 2016

I can't describe how it feels to spend an entire day with like minded, creative women. Feeding your heart and spirit with nothing but inspiration to make your dreams happen. This past weekend, as a whole, was beyond amazing and still has me on cloud nine.

Friday I attended the Re:Make summit and it was BEYOND inspiring. Re:Make is a summit/festival designed to fuel the creativity inside of oneself. Day one of the summit is filled with speakers and break off sessions. Day two is a festival with food, music, and activities. Let me tell you, the lineup of speakers during day 1 is nothing short of amazing. While I am so glad I was able to hear Tyra Banks speak, she is absolutely beautiful by the way. My favorite speaker of the day was Brene' Brown, a scholar, author, public speaker, and researcher known for her TED talk on vulnerability. She was so inspiring, motivating and uplifting. Captivating to say the least. All of the speakers were great, from Sophia Amoruso, founder of to Katia Beauchamp, creator of Birch Box, there was no shortage of motivation and #GirlBoss-ness in the room.

This weekend we also attended the Bad Boy Reunion Tour.......YA'LL! If you didn't catch that tour you missed out! P.Diddy and the family outdid themselves. They looked like stars, sounded like stars, and the element of surprise NEVER stopped. Artists aren't giving us shows like that anymore. No mini films, flying through the air, leaving the stage to change 12 times, etc. No, I'm talking about just a stage and great music, it was like being at a huge 90's house party! It was hands down one of the most fun concerts I have ever attended.

This weekend was filled with motivation, fun, laughter, and a tiny bit of that fire we all need lit under our a$$ to keep us going towards our dreams. While most of us aim to inspire others in one way or another, I can not express how important it is to make sure you are doing things and surrounding yourself with people who keep you motivated and push you closer towards following your dreams. I wish every day could be as dope as this weekend.

Love, Life, & Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,