Crimson and White

Today is my high school football team's rivalry game against Male High School bulldogs. Anyone in the Louisville area knows how big the Male v. Manual football game is. Being that I am a duPont Manual High School graduate this week gets me SUPER excited every year.

duPont Manual is the best Youth Performing Arts high school in the state of Kentucky. Our academics and sports are top in the state. Manual produces greatness, toot toot, and bonds like no other. My friends from high school are now my family, their kids are my nieces, and their mothers are a part of my support system. Once you become a Ram, because the school definitely is NOT easy to get into, you are FOREVER proud to be a Ram.

In light of such a special week I want to share a few photos from my high school days and some recent photos of my high school friends turned honorary siblings. 10 years later I want to say I'd STILL rather be a female Ram than a female Dog! Go Manual! Beat Male!


Now...(all Manual bred)

Love, Life, & Light

Trying to Live in my Dreams,


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