Gym Chronicles: Outfits that can go from the gym to running errands

We all know that with the new year comes new fitness goals and of course I jumped on the band wagon. Now, don't get me wrong it's not some crazy resolution I made. I just wanted to make it a point in 2016 to live a healthier lifestyle. To exercise on a regular, consistent basis and watch what I am eating. That being said, on January 2nd I signed up for a membership at planet fitness and so far so good. I'm committing to workout 3-5 times a week. I even went to the gym at 10 pm on one day because that was the only time in the day I had. 

Lets be real, the gym and getting healthy are great BUT the real motivation for working out is wearing cute gym clothes. I personally run around town in gym clothes even on days I don't workout (shhhh don't tell anyone). I can't help myself, I live for cute Nike leggings, a hoodie, matching tennis shoes and a baseball cap (insert blushing emjoi). I need to change my ways. For those of you who may get lucky and be able to workout in the morning on some days then go run  errands or for those of us who want to get up early on a Saturday morning to workout then go for lunch or coffee with a girlfriend; I wanted to share some workout fashion that can take you from the gym to out and about without killing your fashion vibe. This post is going to feature only Nike and Lulu Lemon because I just love their workout clothes. 


Nike is one of my favorite brands mainly because of their leggings. You know how when you workout and you constantly have to pull your leggings up in between each exercise? Nike leggings don't fall and I LOVE that! Especially being team #FitAndThick. Throw on a jacket (jean or leather), a cute tote and some gloss and you're ready to run errands or meet at a coffee shop in any of these outfits!

Lulu Lemon

I Love Lulu Lemon because I feel as though they have the most chic, easy to mix and match workout gear around at the moment. I mean who wouldn't want to workout in mesh cut out leggings and a ruffled tank? Lulu Lemon is perfect for going from the gym to a lunch date with girlfriends. Just throw on a leather jacket, over-sized clutch, flat studded sandals or wedges and you're set to go!

Trying to Live in my Dreams,