Snow Season: Cute Snow Boot Ideas

Although cold here on the west coast we won't experience any snow but I've noticed that in a lot of other places it's snowing, Canada, Indianapolis, and my home town Kentucky. Some of these places got quite a bit of snow. I know that trying to look cute and be warm in the snow can be quite the feat. The weather is nasty and wet and cold and can make you not care about what you look like BUT fret not. I have found 3 super cute pairs of snow boots that you can pair with jeans, leggings or a dress and tights to tackle those nasty winter days with style. These boots call for a no fuss, super easy, yet oh so stylish look. At the end of the day no matter the weather, no matter how casual you want to be, you still should always dress as your best self because you are a walking billboard for yourself. You never know who you may meet or when opportunity will be presented. The link to all of the boots will be under each photo. Let's not forget these boots are great for the rain as well! ENJOY!  

Trying to Live in my Dreams,