Back to Back

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Since this post is going up on a Thursday I decided to post a throwback picture circa 2013. Makes me miss my black hair a little.'s been two months since moving to the West Coast, although it has been a great move for me it's been eye opening as well. I wanted to share a little lesson I've learned when it comes to chasing your dreams. No dream comes without sacrifice. As with most things in life you have to give to get. When it comes to chasing your dreams and making big moves remember, sometimes it takes you leaving a comfortable, stable, familiar situation to chase a dream no one can see but you. It takes a special kind of person to be willing to take that risk. Just know that sometimes it means actually taking some steps backwards (in lifestyle) in order to eventually be able to take a big step forward. No matter what it takes, stay determined, stay driven, stay hungry, always keep the bigger picture in mind & don't stop working hard until you've reached where you want to be. X0X0

Trying to Live in my Dreams,