Weekend Recap

Hey you guys! I just wanted to come do a quick weekend recap. We did a lot this weekend and I thought I would share it with you guys. Friday we went to Fred's little sisters pre-school graduation. It was outside and the weather was perfect. After that we went on an impromptu date night. I wore something cute and casual and my hair in a chunky braid out that I picked apart.

Jeans: Lucky Brand ( Similar Here ) Sweater: Club Monaco ( Alternative Here )

Jeans: Lucky Brand (Similar Here) Sweater: Club Monaco (Alternative Here)

We went to Blaze pizza for dinner. Its my favorite pizza spot back in Kentucky and when we found one out here I just HAD to go. After we ate the sun was going down so we decided to go to Ocean Beach for a while and watch the sun go down....romantic I know. Of course that turned into an impromptu photo shoot, thanks to my awesome photographer. lol. After we left the beach we decided to go down Lombard Street. a.k.a "The Crookedest Street." That was cool because #1 it's impossible to go any faster than 5mph down the street and #2 they were shooting something on the street at the time we decided to drive down. We then decided to go to this super hip ice cream spot called "Cream" known for their personalized ice cream sandwiches. Yes.....we did all of that on Friday BUT our day started early.

Leather Jacket: The Limited ( Similar Here )

Leather Jacket: The Limited (Similar Here)

Saturday we went to his little brothers little league football jamboree in 100degree weather. Its safe to say ya girl got a tan. Following that the family came back to our apartment and went swimming. Later on that night we went to see "Straight Outta Compton." I'll leave my opinion for another blog post. Lets just say, if you haven't seen it you're missing out.

Sunday was his little sisters birthday and everyone got together at his dad's place for food and a little Sunday funday lol. Later on we met up with a good friend of mine from college who was in town visiting. We explored a few bars and a little Sunday night life. We ended the night at Jack in the Box. I am so glad we got to link up while he was here.

Jean Jacket:  Guess     Maxi Dress:  Similar Here

Jean Jacket: Guess    Maxi Dress: Similar Here

Anyway, stay tuned for the next post in the "moving advice" series this week. I will be talking about how I found my moving companies and the huge mistakes and misfortunes I experienced in the process. Talk to you in a few days. X0XO.

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