Watch the Company You Keep

Continuing the "moving chronicles" series, lets talk about how I found the companies I used. It was quite simple.....I googled moving companies and read reviews. Yep, that's it. I'll start with the worst of the two, my furniture. I originally went with UHAUL "u-box." It wasn't TOO expensive, UHAUL is a reputable company and the process seemed pretty easy. I simply got on the UHAUL website, went through the steps to book the pick and received a date and time of pick up. Well....on the day of pickup I had everything ready for them. I waited until about a half hour after the pick up time I was given online and called to see when my pick up truck would arrive. It was then I was informed that the day and time given online was only an estimated time and day and that no trucks would be available for another 7 days....keep in mind I was leaving for California in 5 days AND it would take 3-7 days after pick up or my furniture to arrive. It's safe to say I canceled the pick up. My mom and I scrambled the next two days to find a company who could pick up my furniture in short notice and came across Moving APT. I called them to get a price (it was very reasonable) and set up my pick up. They emailed me my receipt and I signed the contract via e-sign. BIGGEST mistake EVER. It took them 20 days to deliver my furniture to California. When they got here they had raised my price hundreds of dollars without notifying me and held my furniture on the truck until I agreed to pay it. I spoke with a manager, as well as had all of my online receipts and they still refused honor my original price and give me my furniture. Some yelling, crying and locking myself in the bathroom later, I paid and they moved my furniture into our apartment. Upon unwrapping everything I had broken living room furniture, chips and dents in my coffee table, it was terrible. Note to self and all of you, go with a company you are familiar with! EVEN if they mess up. It's better to be safe than sorry. Trust me....I was BEYOND sorry.

For my car I used the same google and review method. I used a company called Montway. They gave me the best quote. Now.........I had to hackle them and get a little sassy in a few phone calls for them to FINALLY give me a pick up date and time for my car BUT once they gave me a date and time that was it. They picked it up on time, my car arrived only 3 days later and the price they gave me was the price that was set in stone. If you can deal with having to be on top of a company then they are a pretty good company to go with, especially because compared to a lot of other companies they are pretty reasonable. Not to mention reputable.

Whenever looking for a moving company (car or furniture) you want to make sure a few things are guaranteed:

1. The company is registered with the Better Business Bureau

2. They are licensed and bonded

3. Insurance on your belongings is included in your quote

I know this post is kind of long but I hope it helps you guys avoid the mistakes I made during my big move. If you have further questions or comments or tips leave them in the comments below ;-)

Trying to Live in my Dreams,