Back At It!

I know, I know, I know.....Its been a LONG time. I'm sorry. After my last post I promised an entire "moving across the country" series but I ended up getting sick. I got tonsillitis a few days later and was sick for the next 6 days. It was TERRIBLE but I'm back. So.........lets jump right into it.

When I first decided I was going to move out of state I had a lot of really important decisions to make. What moving companies I wanted to use, how I was going to get my car there, where would I live, what areas to avoid living in, etc. The first decision I made was what to do with my apartment in Kentucky. Now, no one wants to move back into their parents house but I knew it was the smartest move to make. I knew I could move in and save the money I was using for bills, so that's what I did. About 6 months before the date I had given myself to leave I moved back home. My suggestion is if you can move in a year prior to moving DO IT! Save as much money as you can before you make one of the biggest moves of your life. Trust me you will thank yourself later.

In order to move into my moms I wanted to take the least expensive route possible. I packed up my entire apartment in a week and a half, labeling the boxes by room and items contained (yes I have OCD) so that unpacking in Cali would be easy. I cleaned my apartment out thoroughly. I recruited my dad and cousin and we rented a UHAUL truck for a few hours. I didn't want to pay for a storage unit so my grandmother let me keep my furniture in her basement and garage. That entire process cost me under $500.

I got all of my boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap from Walmart. I used old blankets from family members to protect things like my coffee table, side tables and headboard. In order to find cleaver and organized ways to pack up my clothing and furniture, Pinterest was my best friend. There you have it, the first steps I took to prepare to move. I guess next up will be my tips and mistakes on saving and how I searched for moving companies (that will be a few posts because I would HATE for you to make the same mistakes I made with a moving company). Anyway, I hope these posts are helpful to those of you even thinking about making a big move. Until next time.......X0X0

Trying to Live in my Dreams,


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