Preparation is Key

With summer comes a lot of heat if you are in the Midwest or South and with heat comes a lot of natural curls, braids and twists. Now, I have heard horror stories about women taking their braids or twists out and their hair breaking off and things like that. I personally believe that success in wearing a protective style is how you prepare your hair before hand. The less manipulation to your hair the better and that's the beauty in wearing a protective style, you don't usually have to do anything to your hair for a while.

I wear my hair in twist in summer or winter. Really whenever I want a break from doing anything to my hair lol. My favorite being Havanna Twist and I like to use Marley/Jamaican hair. this year I also tried faux dreads....soooo cute also. Upon taking my hair down whenever I have a style like this I always experience at LEAST half an inch of growth and my hair is always still moisturized, not brittle at all. Here is how I prep my hair before a style like this:

1. I wash my hair. I like to use Neutrogena triple moisture cream lather shampoo  (it's one of my favorite lines)

2. I deep condition for at LEAST an hour but usually before a protective style I plan on keeping for a month or so I deep condition over night. I like to use the Neutrogena triple moisture deep recovery hair mask or the Shea Moisture Super Fruit Complex 10-in-1 renewal system hair masque. All of shea moistures hair masques are good but that one smells divine. I simply wring my hair out well after shampooing, apply my mask, detangle and sleep in a plastic cap. Rinse in the morning.

3. Apply a leave in, you guessed it, Neutrogena triple moisture leave in. Try this line and thank me later lol.

4. Next I spray in some Tresemme' heat protectant and blow out my hair. After this step I don't do anything else until I am actually getting my hair done.

5. While getting my hair done I have my braider apply a heavy moisturizer, for example: Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion, to each individual section of hair before she braids it.

6. While wearing my style I try to take an oil and run it down each braid or twist twice a week. If you have faux locs I just use a light oil on my scalp when needed (which I do with the other styles as well.

And there you have it! How I prep and keep my hair healthy while in a protective style. If you have an questions feel free to contact me via email (just go to contact on my blog page and enter your message) or leave a comment under this post. Links to products mentioned are with in the post.

Trying to Live in my Dreams,


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