California State of Mind

For years now I have been contemplating moving out of state, specifically the West Coast. I spent most of my life traveling to LA with my during summer breaks to visit family, I have cousins, aunts and uncles that stretch between LA, San Diego and Indio, California. That fine, chocolate man of mine (lol, no but seriously...) resides in San Francisco. My grandparents are in California half the year. California has always felt like a second home to me. I love everything from the opportunities that are there, the weather, the beach, the laid back culture and lets not forget the palm trees. After a lot of preparation, I am so excited to announce that in July 2015 I will be relocating to San Francisco, California!! I couldn't be more excited to embark on this new adventure, as I know it will only add to my growth as a women and person in general. I am beyond excited to see what Blessings are bestowed upon me in these next few months and plan on using my blog as kind of a journal to track small pieces of my new journey. Thanks to everyone who has supported me in these last couple of months (especially cherena and Maranda, my honey and my mom) as I made the decision, moved out of my apartment and prepared to take this leap of faith. Continue to come back here to stay updated!

P.S. I plan on making more post on the things I did to prepare to move as well as tips on finding a moving company, how I saved money, etc...

Trying to Live in my Dreams,