Work It Out!

Early last year I was in the best shape I had been in since middle school. I was at a weight I was more than happy with, I was getting stronger and my endurance was amazing. Then life hit and things went down hill a little. I packed on a good 10 pounds and got out of the habit of working out. Over the past month I decided to get back to that woman and now I have all the kinks worked out and I started going full force this week. Working out 5 days a week (HIIT, Weights and cardio) and paying full attention to what I am feeding my body yet allowing myself a few treats here and there. Abs are made in the kitchen after all. Throughout my journey and progress I am going to be sharing some of my favorite recipes, instagram inspirations, youtube workout channels, apps and much more! Throwing in a little workout fashion of course.


First up, one of my favorite instagram personal training sensations @GetBodiedByJ! She's an Atlanta based personal trainer and fitness coach. Not only does she have a plethora of clientele but she has created a huge brand for herself including meal/workout plans, fitness tours and workout gear. My favorite things about this mommy of 2 (yes you read that right) is how real she is and the fact that she is a real woman with curves. As a curvy woman myself it can be hard to find fitness inspiration from women whom have a similar body structure to yours and for me she is it. She not only shares fitness and eating tips on her page, but also her ups and downs in life, weight struggles and a small glimpse into her life as a mommy and soon to be wife (her and her fiancé crack me up). Being a real woman with real struggles and a knack for helping others become their most healthy selves, she can be inspiration for us all. Follow her @GetBodiedByJ, you can thank me later.

I hope this post encouraged you to embark on a healthy lifestyle of your own. Unitl next time......

I hope this post encouraged you to embark on a healthy lifestyle of your own. Unitl next time......

Trying to Live in my Dreams,