Something blue, something new...

                        Dress Forever 21( similar here ),  Boots Baker's( similar here )

                        Dress Forever 21(similar here),  Boots Baker's(similar here)

About 6 years ago I read an article in Essence magazine. The cover and main article was an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith. I remember her saying something that stuck with me, especially once I got older. She said she always focuses on herself FIRST. Her health, her self confidence and self esteem, her spiritual being, everything. She said how can you make sure everyone else is taken care of if YOU aren't whole on the inside and taken care of. Ladies, make sure that in the midst of work, school, kids, significant others and everyday life you do not lose yourself. Put yourself up on the same pedestal you put everyone else. Because when we as women are our best we can lead everyone else to be their best as well.

Friday I took my mom to see Charlie Wilson in concert as an early birthday gift. I put something simple together last minute. Don't you just love pulling out old, classic pieces and finding new ways to style them? This dress I usually wear during summer but I paired it with boots and a leather jacket to make it appropriate for that COLD night. My dress is 4 years old from Forever21 and my boots are 6 year old thigh highs I purchased at Baker's when we had one in our mall. (Hair-Havana Twists) Anyway, I just wanted to get something up since its been a while since I've posted. The snow has been killing my vibe but I'm back on it! Stay warm and safe in this weather!


Trying to Live in my Dreams,