Breaking Bad......

If you're Christian then you know this week starts lent. For those who don't know lent is a 40 day period following "fat Tuesday" and ending Easter Sunday. It's a time where you give up something(s) during this 40 day period and develop a stronger connection with God through prayer and resisting temptation. 

Now, I bring this up not only because I am Christian but because I feel like lent is the perfect time to start new. I don't believe in new years resolutions. I feel as though people make them and never start or make them and break them. I personally believe in making goals and taking the steps to accomplish those goals and making permanent lifestyle changes.

This year I promised myself that I would spend the year working on ME. Mind, body, spirit and finances. I would do all the things fear was keeping me from doing and truly trust that things are meant to work out in my favor. I'm calling 2015 the year of ME "Taking Leaps of Pure Faith." At the end of the day if you aren't your best how can you help those around you become their best?

They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Lent is 40 days, which means if you're discipline you can not only break bad habits but create a lifestyle change. This year for lent I have challenged myself to live a healthier lifestyle, exercise 4 times a week, eat healthier (bye bye fried foods and sweets), keep a financial journal and take as many risks as can. I'm challenging myself to do things that are not only hard for me but to form new, healthy habits I want to continue for years on end. 

So here's the deal...I challenge you to take the plunge with me this year. Give up something (i.e. smoking) or form a new habit (i.e. eating out less) and stick to it from now all the way through Easter Sunday and hopefully these new habits last forever. Are you ready? I mean seriously, what's the victory without the struggle? 

Keep me posted on your challenge in the comments down below.


Trying to Live in my Dreams,