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Over the last year or so I have loved seeing how women are stepping up, following their passions and dreams, and really taking control over their careers. It just goes to show that us as women can make time for our families and our careers. It gave me the idea to do a blog series featuring 3 of my favorite bloggers and fall outfit ideas for different types of working women and work styles. This first post is dedicated to the stay at home mom and/or the work from home woman. These outfits are practical for everyday, chasing after your little ones or running errands. Let's face it, even if you're a stay at home mom or work from home when you look good you feel good. Stay tuned throughout the week for outfit ideas for a more corporate work environment as well as those women who work in a more casual work environment. Also go follow these ladies on Instagram by clicking their name below and check out their blog sites by clicking their site name...Enjoy!

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