Faith & Focus

Sometimes it takes stepping outside of your element for you to appreciate the small things and for you to just put some things into perspective. Saturday night it stormed for the first time in the Bay since I moved here 3.5 months ago. When I say storm I mean an actual down pour with the slightest bit of thunder and lightening. At 1am I found myself sitting in the dark (as Fred slept) with our window open listening to the rain and organizing my emails. In that moment I realized how much I missed something I once took for granted, rain. There's something mentally calming about listening to the rain, decompressing and refocusing. I feel like it is the definition of "Peace Be Still."

It's in that stillness that I realized how grateful I am for things I once took for granted. The direction I want my life, relationship and career to go in. I also took the time to reflect on any struggles (internal and external) I may be facing, the lessons I can learn from them and how to turn a test into a testimony. There's a certain impact that I want to make on the world, especially to women. There are certain parts of my story I want to share with the world, one day, in hopes that because of me someone else chooses to chase their passions and never give up. No need to settle on a mediocre life when with faith and focus, I like that #FaithandFocus, you can accomplish ANYTHING. Like they say on "you're not the kind of girl who settles, keep not settling."

Trying to Live in my Dreams,