And It's Not Even My Birthday...(anymore...)

Capricorn season has come and gone, yet the Ambition of the oh so independent sign forever remains. My 26th aka "twenty sexy" birthday was January 19th and I had the most AMAZING weekend. The celebration started the 16th with a ladies night at my apartment. Admission? Pajamas of course. We ate, drank and played games. Kings cup anyone? It was so much fun having all of my girls aka my support system all together. Lord knows life, boyfriends/husbands, kids and careers (just call us ambitious women) don't allow that to happen as often as we'd like.

Saturday was my good friend Leah's birthday celebration and a group of us celebrated with sushi and "yyyaaaassss honey!" a drag show at a club called PLAY. The show was nothing short of AMAZING!! I had the BEST time!

Monday (my actual birthday and MLK day) I spent with my mother, grandmother and little cousin at dinner. My friends, family and boyfriend did everything possible to make my day special and it was BEYOND....Anyway, enjoy the birthday weekend mashup!


Trying to Live in my Dreams,


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