Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself




|One of a kind|


Hi everyone! I'm Keionna, a.k.a KLBossy via social media. Welcome! I am so excited to be writing my very first post on my new blog site. I've spent the last 3 years religiously following a few beauty, fashion, interior design and lifestyle blogs (which I will share in a later post) and I FINALLY stopped being lazy and decided to create a blog of my own. I want to use my blog as a creative outlet and platform to inspire and motivate as other blogs have inspired me. As well as share a small glimpse into my world and show others that with a lot of faith, a little hope, a dash of ambition and drive ANYTHING is possible. I can't wait to share beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips, words of wisdom and images that keep me inspired. I hope my blog can bring you inspiration to help inspire you to make your dreams a reality. Until next time.....Besos!!

Trying to Live in my Dreams,